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Meet the Designer

Born with flare, style, and confidence, Matthew knew at an early age that he was different from other kids in the neighborhood. While his peers would enjoy spending time outdoors, Matthew found himself inside cleaning and reorganizing his mother’s “What Knots” to create different vignettes on the shelves in his family’s living room; this was the first sign that Matthew possessed an internal yearning for interior styling.


In 2018, Matthew decided to launch his own interior styling business, appropriately named 'M-Teriors Style & Design'. It's Matthew's hope that interior services will be available to everyone, regardless of his or her socioeconomic status, and not only to those who can enjoy the luxuries of life. Matthew is proud to offer his design expertise to people at all price points. It's his desire to touch every home in the New Orleans area and share that warm feeling he personally experiences each time he crosses his own threshold.

Our Mission

At M-Teriors Style & Design, it’s our mission to combine client aesthetic with elements of eclectic styling, bold colors, and high fashion to curate luxurious spaces obtainable at multiple price points.

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